battery chargers - your thoughts?

Hi Guys,

many of us own battery chargers for our bikes, the trickle charge kind.

what do you own?

what is your feedback on your own?

what do you think is the best out there?

thanks guys.

I don’t own one … but then again I ride all year round ?

I assume you are a fair weather rider?

Hi, I use Optimate. trickle charger or if your battery is dead it will automatically sense this and surge charge the battery. I recommend this one.

Way to get the insults in early!Shame you obviously can only afford one bike :smiley:

I’ve got the trickle charger from Lidl, it was £5 and works a treat, made in germany, has recovered one red top battery and keeps two others ready to go. A trickle charger is really simple, doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive.

Think mine is an Optimiser :ermm: it’s on all the time all year round and does what it should :wink:

Has nice little lights on too Slarty :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine has one too, as it happens a green LED :stuck_out_tongue: It starts off bright when it’s charging then gets dimmer as it charges less, then eventually goes out.

I fibbed :blush: mine’s an Oxford Oximiser, but it has lovely lights that all light up when at full health. From red, amber and green :smiley:

I’ve got an Optimate cos its got lots of pretty lights like a Christmas Tree;):smiley:

Optimate III for me. Might try Lidl for a second one - at mo I switch it between bikes at least once a week.

It’s got more flashing lights than a Japanese stereo…

I use an optimate, its worth mentioning that unlike a car battery bike batteries are not deigned to be deep cycle charged, if they go completley flat then that usually the end of them. they will recharge but will never return to their original capacity.

I ride 80 odd miles per day mon to fri, but always put the bike on the optimate over the weekend just to ensure the battery is in tip top condition. this is worth doing if you are running daylight running lights, heated grips/clothing and any thing else electrical that might be an an optional extra you have fitted.

Optimate for me too but haven’t used it since I had the SV (3yrs) … that bike drained the battery flat within 3 days.

thanks for all the responss guys, seems as tho the optimate is a poplular one here. Any one got one of these they are really popular in the states.

and yes for u **** takers:) i only ride in fair weather. i have had an oxford oximiser for a couple of years and i checked on the bike over the weekend to have a little perve on it and it was dead, obviously the oximiser let me down and it wasnt charging anymore, hence me looking for a new one.

Hi Guy, i just thought i would add my results to this threa just in case anyone logs onto it in the future. basically i have now got the optimate III and when i compare it quality to th oximiser…the oximise is very poor build quality and very cheap build. the optimate III is very solid and also has far better quality wires, and as a part of the wire is open to the elements quality is important.

YES to the optimate, NO to the oximiser.

thanks for everyones contribution :wink:

This is my one, and I think it is really good!! Well worth buying!

My review is written here.

I have an old Oxford one but i`ve never used it.

you cant go far wrong with the optimate. you can run the cable clip under the seat to the tail and use the rubber end clip to attach it to the tail piece clasp for easy access, rather than using the crocadile clips. same cable is also handy to attach other devices to the battery using a similar connector that you can grab from maplins or similar

Not one of these!

mate can you explain further? i would make the permanet connection anyway and would not really use the crocodile clips. with the optimiser i use to have, i had the clip hanging out from the riders seat. if you imagine, when i sit on the bike the clip would be on the inside of my right knee.

Just bought the Optimate III - arrived yesterday - as my battery was having issues since the bike was laid up for a month awaiting parts post my Brands Hatch (ahem!) ‘incident’…
I rode it for a few days after that, then the thing wouldn’t start on a coldish morning, it started that same evening, gave it a good run, then it had another think before starting the next day… and so the saga continued, especially when I returned after a couple of weeks away over Christmas, when a push-start was required! So got it on charge last night having not been able to start it since about Thursday and despite taking a while to get the bike purring back into action, unlike previously, the battery had the legs to keep trying and as such I was a happy commuter once more today! :D:D:D