Battery and Datatool dead!! on my Ninja!

Morning All!!

In need of some desperate advice. Unfortunately as i was away for a month - the battery and datatool alarm have completley died. There is no response when i switch the ignition on. The speed dial does not even light up.

Will a new battery sort the problem out? If so which battery do you suggest i get.

If i buy a battery charger and try charging the battery up - will this work? If so which charger would you suggest.

By the way, my bikes a 08 ninja 6r.

ANy advice or info appreciated!!! :smiley:


New battery - and an optimate battery charger. I got one very recently, aftre recommendations and they diagnose how far gone the battery is, whether it needs replacing and also charge it up without over charging it. The instructions are easy enough to follow. Plus they are easy peasy to use, just clip the crocodile clips (red to red and black to black) on the battery and you’re away!

try charging the battery first - before buying a new one. if it can be recovered then buy a new one!
its fairly new bike/bat so should be recoverable :wink:

wot he said.
wot battery is it and have you had bike/battery from new? just wondering if there any guarantee on it, seeing as it an 08 bike.