Bastards left my bike damaged

Yesterday evening I was riding along, pulling up to a set of traffic lights, with a car coming the other way with a bunch of youths in it with the windows open. One of them stared straight at me… and flicked his lit cigarette right into my face. My visor was open, it went in and hit my face, then bounced down out of the helmet and onto the front of my jacket. I pulled to a panicked stop, the bike fell from under me to the left while I was searching for the lit cigarette (turned out it fell off earlier). Bastards left the left side of the bike all scratched up, and the legshield is cracked badly and needs replacing.

What is it with people like this? We did some crazy stuff as kids, but seriously throwing a lit cigarette into the face of a motorcyclist? What kind of batshit insane children are we raising nowadays? It’s a fucking disgrace that people like that exist.



That’s terrible. Sorry to hear it.

I hope you have reported the incident to the police.

wtf!?? :unsure:

I don’t suppose you were able to get hold of registration to report?

Some people really haven’t got a clue about what they are doing… just count yourself lucky that you didn’t hurt yourself and ignore it, is the only advice I can offer I’m afraid… :frowning:

I’ve had a waterbomb and a bottle of water thrown at me, luckily the first missed me and the second hit my tyre but just bounced away! It’s a good job I didn’t see the waterbomb flying behind me (my brother told me) and stop and pick a fight with them because 6 months later the guys there (they threw from a house) one of them was arrested for murdering someone with a screwdriver!

Lot of loonies out there… :crazy:

Sorry to hear dude, people are c**ts unfortunately! We are raising the Jeremy Kyle generation :blink:

Damn man, sorry to hear that. Hope you’re OK and the damage was only to the bike…

At the end of the midnight rideout the other day we were parked in front of infinity near great portland street. Some shits in a BMW went by and called us names as they went by. We were literally just parked up and having a chat. Need some serious baseball bat therapy.

I have had tennis balls and snow balls thrown at me around where I live always missed tho

But a lit fag that’s just nasty wankers they are

How bad is the damage?
It be repaired?

so sorry to hear that Simon,

there’s some nasty people out there :angry:

you didnt have your little camera on when that happened perchance? :wink:

i had a waterbomb thrown at me too, it hit me on the helmet, i nearly had an accident so decided to ride into the estate and go look for the little f**kwits, scared the living hell out of them :laugh:

The police should take this seriously. A lit fag into a crash helmet is just stupid :frowning:

Simon, there are some Xevo panels in dark blue on ebay at very low prices.

So, I haven’t reported it to the police - although I did discuss it with a friend of mine who is a detective. There is no CCTV, I don’t have a reg number, or even remember the colour or model of the car, I didn’t have the presence of mind to find and pick up the cigarette, so no value in doing so. The police would of course be willing to record and listen and take seriously, but they wouldn’t be able to do anything, so I don’t want to use up their time for nothing. Hopefully they’ll get what’s coming to them from Karma!

The worst damage is to the inner plastic panel of the leg shield - I’ve taken the whole front to bits, taken the panel off, and am gluing it together. There are scratches on the outer panels, but I’ll not worry about those too much for now - maybe look at the panels on eBay that Julian mentioned. Hopefully I’ll get it holding together - I’m off to Heathrow for a 6:30 flight to Stockholm, and I’m going on the bike, so it better be back together in time!


What are you using to glue it with? I guess araldite or something similar would do the job if it’s not taking any load?

Sorry to hear, let me know if you want any help spannering.

Bummer and you just got it …Your not hurt so all is well, the bikes just a thing and things can be sorted … I think I posted something about flicked ciggys being a personal goat getter of mine somewhere recently .

Well, I fixed it up as best as I could for now. A temporary fix but usable at least. There were a lot of separate pieces of plastic, I took the whole thing off and stuck it together like doing a 3D jigsaw or sticking a shattered ming vase. Since this is just a provisional fix, I used superglue with BMT (Black Magic Tack) for initial hold, and went over it all with self-amalgamating tape, held down by a bit of carpet tape at the edges. Enough to hold for now. Hopefully going to find a replacement on eBay!

Alex, thanks so much for the offer of help - really means a lot :slight_smile: