Bash Hat customising. Joanna Don't lool on this thread or else

Greetings all,

Am hoping some one has a friend of a friend or knows some one who can do lid (helmet) painting, was planning a surprise for GF’s B’day and was hoping to get her a new lid with a dragon painted on it. She loves the Dragons of Pern Books.

Can any body point me in the right direction.

Look in the back pages of MCN Bikemart (the buy and sell pullout that comes with MCN). Look under Piantwork there are a few companies advertised thre but you should insist in having a look at their work or better still get a recommendation from someone who’s had airbrush work done. All the best.

Cheers snap,

Is it still too wet for you to be coming out to play tonight ?

No sure matey. PMed u.

I can do it!!

Here’s a sample:



Wow, Rottie, that’s some serious ‘Art’ work there, geddit? I’m not sure I’d trust you with the Arai in case you dropped it, but how about getting a few tattoos done?


Was thinking of something more like this.

When is the birthday I forgot to ask and can ya email the pic ya want

Didn’t realise you did paint work, saw article on repairing the blade FOXY smashed up at Snetterton. Birthday is 5th March 05 will PM you photo tonight.