Base layers

Very unexciting but now he weather is on the turn, just thought I’d mention.
I’ve tried the expensive skiing type stuff & Lidl do there usual bargain collection. All nice and warm however I find the high polyester content a bit “suffocating” on the skin.
Get yourself down Primark. (50%) Cotton long sleeve vests & leggings for the bargain price of £4 each. Come in black or a rather fetching grandad “longjohn” lookalike white. The tops are a good fit but I’d go one size up on the leggings.
Cant go wrong at that price :slight_smile:

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Cotton though is not good cause it doesn’t wick the moisture…

All I do in the winter
Is cover most parts in deep heat
Then wrap cling film around to act as a wind break
Don’t know if it help
But you do start moving a lot faster after about 15 minutes

"Cotton though is not good cause it doesn’t wick the moisture… "

Its part and part. I wear it under my leathers so it doesn’t make much difference anyway. I still prefer it as it’s softer - ahhhh

Yours sincerely - Betty Swollocks.

Well at that price, I’ll give it a go :smiley:

As a MTB guy I have gone thru a lot of reviews and tests myself. NIKE pro combat hyperwarm longsleeve base layer is number 1 on the market (price/quality).Its arround 25-40£ depending on shop. But it will serve you lots of years. As for asda one for 4£ probably couple of washes if you are lucky. To mention I had once a pretty bad crash in “under armour” brand base layer. Landed on my shoulder/head, doing about 20mph in forrest. After i washed it, there wasn’t a scratch on it. It shows the quality of pricier stuff.
All good warmers for sport come in some kind of synthetic material. It wicks the moisture but keeps the warm inside the body. As for cotton doesn’t do anything good after its wet, just keeps you cold.

Thanks Eddie. I think if water has gone through to the base layer, esp whilst youre riding at motorway speeds in winter, you need to spend more on waterproofs cos the windchill will freeze your boll0x off anyway. :wink:
Ok, we all sweat a bit but mtb’ing and motorbike riding not really comparable. I just find the others too clingy if im honest mate. Personal choice.
Plus I’m an ardent anti brand snob :smiley:

Aldhi merino base layers £15.99 each

Might be worth a punt

pop into go outdoors they normally do decent deals on merino wool base layers or smartwool baselayers which wicks away moisture .

I thought a base layer for scooter riders was a football strip.

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I’m not suprised, that must really make your bollocks smart. :crazy:

I use Under Armour and Proskins. Both are really good quality. UA have heat-gear for warmer weather and cold-gear for the cooler, and both work really well

sometimes good to revitalise an old topic

what do you think - Does this work?


I’ve got one.
To be honest it doesn’t seem to perform any different from others I use, just a bit thicker.

excellent then won’t be falling for the hype - cheers for your input