Barro's username

Barro’s account has been renamed to Barro to reflect his prefered name, from his previous one which nobody ever called him by anyhow. Just so you all know.

Hes born again

You mean “Porn Again” !!

Welcome to LB Barro! lol

Thank you Capitarn !!!

Can I get Wiggy?

I keep getting called Wig ett ah (phonetics) and it sounds a bit poofy


Hurrah Hurrah, cheers Ceaser

I don’t wear a Wig by the way, well, maybe a chest wig on the weekends

Thanks again !

lol, you are welcome

Hello and welcome to LB Barro!!! he he he…

Done mate!

A rose by any other name…


Still waiting for that first cheque Barro… you aint paying me enough…

(and i suppose that saying has links back to the Black Plague?)

Can i have my name changed please?

from streetgang to Dan.

as long as no one else has already blagged it ?

please please please?

Dan you can’t Streegang. Choose another one a bit longer or add something to ‘Dan’

Can i have it changed to Danno then?

Done! Welcome to LB Dano! I would advise you place a note on your signature telling people who you are now, lol

thanks cezar

I was pretty desperate to register so picked one of the first names that got into my head.

I have been wanting to get mine changed to chocfawn instead. Is that still possible?


Done mate!