Barro, sort it out!!!

I have seen a couple of threads tonight where your posts have been very offesive, callin someone a c**t, another taking the piss out of someone who crashed.


666 thoses post really weren’t funny dude, I think Barro needs a hug

Where u been!!

Which posts were they?

All the offensive posts were deleted late last night… Theres nothing left to see here fokes keep it moving (Said in my best police voice)

It must have been shaking that dodgy coppers hand the other night at the Ace mate … See it’s spreading, first Andrew and now you !!

You are a dodgy copper, you tricked meeee but ill get you back one day

Nice meeting you Trojan esp when your off duty.

Ah it was one of those nights. I see.

Da Artist, the pleasure was all mine mate, good to see you’re on the mend after reading about your exploits.

I can be nice on duty to … honest !!

Yeah right you tricked me once i’m not letting that happen again, if you see me when your on duty don’t say hi you’ll make me nervous

I just hope this doesn’t jeopard the Aviva Breast Cancer Weekend

It shouldn’t don’t see how it could, the problems were taken care of outside on the LB forum