Barro please explain

Its buggin me as to what you mean

Thats a reply to someone here …

He knows who he is and what he said but I cant be bothered with fakers and Im still running on a high from the weekend which was more important than any freebie track day.

so thats the subject closed for me !!

So why wasn’t it a PM then? And surely its “their choice” how they wish to spend their time.

Why specifically start a thread just to have a dig at someone on an open forum (Yes I started this one but it wasn’t a dig, it was a question )

slow down…you dont have a clue as to the story…I put it there as hes got three unread pm,s and probably seen the error of what he said about the interest in BCW…



What did they say? … “your only going to look at the tits” LOL

I probably would’ve said that too for a laugh

yeah…it would have been nice if thats what we got to do all day.

The Gallerys should be awesome…and Ive heard that there is a video in the pipeling but I know no more than that !!

Quality Weekend !!

Barro sorry but i do not wish this thread to be deleted by a mod like you asked.

You come on here sometimes, upset all manor of people and the next day make out your some martyr and nothing happened after asking for them to get taken off. (or because of how nasty they were a mod done it anyway)

How many times have mods had to delete your posts cos they made you look bad eh? I think its about time people see the real you

I think we should drop this… what’s the point? really… what’s the point? We all have the choice to remove stuff if we’ve decided on later thought that we don’t want to say that after all - that’s why there’s a delete button / edit button on all the threads / posts you’ve made… Why should Barro have to explain himself to anyone? Why should any of us have to explain ourselves to anyone (unless you’re a mod and you’re modding).

I think this is deliberately stirring up trouble, and detracting from the amazing stuff on the weekend.


oh and incidentally no mod will remove a post because it makes someone ‘look bad’


Matt, sorry hun but they already have on request of the originator

Also I wanted an explanation because his original thread sounded like he was having a go at everyone who does trackdays calling them “Fakers”.

Yes everyone on the BCW had a great weekend, doesn’t mean that his constant bitching at people on an open forum should be overlooked.

try harder !!!

Your whole trackday thread!!!

okay… this is getting a bit out of hand now, it’s not achieving anything at all… the mods didn’t remove the thread because it made someone look bad - I think this whole area needs to be looked at and I’ll be bringing it up at the next mod meeting… but for now I think we need to consider this matter closed - it’s not helping anyone… so both of you please leave this alone and go to bed… eat a chineese (as I am about to do) have a beer (actually that may not be a good idea!) and forget it… deal with it face to face at the meet so there’s no misunderstandings egh?

Also… please remember that there are a lot of guest from the BCW viewing the site at the moment and this does not paint a very good picture of us…