Barro Down !!


Thanks your for all your help

Proper bashed up !!

One Dead Bike !!

But Im here and here to stay…so kiss my harris Mister Cab Cager !! !!!

Thanks again …U know who you are…Quality People …


Sorry to hear this mate, hope it wasnt another cager at fault.

And youve only just got the bike back together nice again.


Jesus man! that sounds nasty, all them miles we just did round france on the wrong side of the road with nothing going wrong but a blown head light fuse, and then this when you get back.That sucks, sorry to hear that mate .i wish you a speedy recovery.

get better soon barro, we gonna see you more and more on the forum now.

Ooooh, nasty! GWS matey… poor bike

Sorry to hear about this bro, wish you a speedy recovery and heal fast

Not you too! Bloody awful week this is. Get well soon mate.

Sorry to here this, Get well soon!

Sorry to hear that Barro, have a speedy recovery.

Sorry to hear Barro


Hope you get it sorted and the cabbie pays up!

Get well soon fella…sounds painful…daytime TV should have you back on yer feet in no time!!!

Mate sorry to hear this give me a shout if u need anything!!!

hey Barro sorry to hear this dude, I hope you manage to screw the cabbie for all he’s worth - the swiiiine,

Get well soon big man, take it easy

I hope you feel better real soon hun…keep ya chin up!

Let us know how everything goes…

Will speak later on.


Another one!

Blimey. Barro, take it easy and get fixed up soon enough eh?

Hey Barro

Sorry to hear mate… A bike can be replaced, I know your beaten up but hopefully you will be on the mend pretty soon.

Ouch! That`s a really nasty one Barro. Get well soon and chin up, you lived to ride another day.

Jebus, Barro! You were waltzing about like nothing was wrong! Hats off to you, think I woulda been in a heap, crying my eyes out.

I hope you mend quickly and let us know if you need anything!

No wonder you were starting to hurt - bloody hell. Heal up quick, mate. Your bikers group needs you!