Baronvongrumble ducati 899 test

Great video, and I see our resident ducati guy Rixxy is in it. They say the camera puts on 10lbs, you must of ate some pies at Christmas… :-)… This Sunday is 14 degrees, when does the Sunday prayer club start again?


Watched it last night, love Grumble’s vids, heck, even made me wanna go out and buy one… (can’t believe I just said that).

Hey, Baron, you should break into online bike reviews for all the manufacturers, you’d be great.

Rixy, does this mean your Robin to his Batman now?

Grumble has a chubby-cheeked sidekick, Rhubarb von Crumble :slight_smile:

Tim that is genius. …RVC…

Truer words have never before come from a Ducati owner…

BVG “Did you slow down so you didn’t get your bike wet?”

Rixxy “YEAH?!?!?!”

what can i say……… i had just cleaned it.

please can a mod change Rixxy’s name to this?


PMSL :laugh:

good lad :smiley:

watched the video, must say it does makes me want to buy one if i had the money. and i dont mind the red wheels at all.

would have been nice to watch it taking at least ONE corner, they’ve all been edited.

fort that reason, the best bit remains watching Rixxy taking a piss.

Engine sounds amazing on the video.

Agreed re reviews - I hope BvG posts many more. I used to follow Luke Wilkins’ reviews on his Youtube channel but he seems to have stopped doing them, so there’s definitely a gap in the market for this.

thanks for that…… arsebums.

Had a blast on mine down almost the same roads last night. Damn i love my bike :smiley: I’ll stick with the extra power and the single sided swingarm though, thanks.

yeah i got to say i prefer the looks of the single sided swing arm, we where chatting with someone about them and they said the the electronic ohlins on the s is not as good as the standard Panigale. So i think he’s going to try the standard panigale at some point.

Obviously now they bought out the black one its got my fast buds tingling.

Might be time for a change.

Tell Baron he is more than welcome to take mine for a run on those roads. Mine is not the S version and is now running Pirelli Rosso Corsa tyres which i have to say are fantastic.

If you have a small cock you get the big one…

And if you have a small cock and more cash to spend you buy the S :wink:

Lol correct…