BaronVonGrumble cut up by Cabbie and some other stuff.

I think…Daniel has them on his bike?

Nice one Mr Grumble…I was already a subscriber - keep 'em coming. :smiley:

Seen some of that kind of behaviour in soho too…the freaks really do come out at night round here.

“My man boobs are getting so big, i can almost have a tit-wank…if i had a bigger knob i probably could”

ha ha ha…brilliant mate

Now that I’ve watched the video I have you know that my blue LEDs are very tasteful and they do the job in central London when my finger acts as a flashing relay ;).

You’re a moany git innit?! But I watched all 3 so far.

Glad you like the vids peeps! - got some more footage today and a dawn ride to work earlier this week which I’m gonna try and get done this week…!

pmsl you funny

these are great mate, good work. look forward to seeing some more :cool:

You have some really good quality videos… all 3 of em. Keep it up because you have the potential to make it big… if you’re after that kind of thing.

I know you don’t disagree with me though! :slight_smile:

hahahahha - loving the Cowell… v good :smiley:

Cheers guys, especially Premesis as i value your experience - glad you like :slight_smile: big very BIG! haha

Do you?

At least he isn’t telling people ‘how it is’ or showing off his latest kit. I sick of channels which purport to advise, but end up patronising.

PS. Wait 'til I get my Drift, then you’ll see some real vitriol :wink: :doze:

Is that some kind of dig at me?

It applies to anyone that, in my eyes, does that.
It’s my opinion and not meant as a direct insult to anyone in particular; if you feel that you do what I describe, then yes, I suppose it could be taken as one.

Ok, that’s cool. None of my vids give advice… except for the Mod1 video which has helped a lot of people get into biking.
However I find it odd that you happen to have some videos of “showing off kit” when you talk down about it.

True, I do have videos that show the rather modest modifications I have made to the Husqvarna, however, I have never boasted about them or attempted to ‘review’ them on You Tube.
I’ll leave that to :wink:

I really want a Drift! Gah! :crazy:
Then I’ll tell the world how it (really) is! :slight_smile:

Hello again,

Another vid for your perusal - not london this time (there is a Dawn Commute in the channel though).

Hope you enjoy:


brilliant. subscribed (fuzzp06)

Just in case you didn’t find Puss In Boots :smiley: -