BaronVonGrumble cut up by Cabbie and some other stuff.

Vassaup ladies and gents,

I’ve been turning my hand to what one calls “vlogging” recently - mainly to cure the boredom on my 100 mile round trip commute! It also helps to keep your speed in check as i’m racking up the points recently :frowning:

Anyway, if you’re into this type of thing ch che check it out! This is the latest one and there are a few more on the channel:

funny stuff mate, pooing throught the letter box is a stupid idea, DNA all over it!!

Like them, very humourous. Just subscribed :slight_smile:

Yup going to sub as well

I agree with the petrol pump point!

Very funny Dr. Jones :slight_smile:

You know the highway code, but offside someone with their right indicator on (1.00)? Tut tut.
At least it’s not a compilation :wink:

I love how polite you were to the taxi driver! Telling him off like he was a naughty school boy :stuck_out_tongue: teeheehee!!

haha great vid

a great watch, just subscribed too, so whens the next one?

Haha! Cheers guys, James, i cross-referenced the DNA files and its surprisingly similar in construction to yours… :wink:

Yeah, that cabbie was a knob - i also like the way he said i was going too fast! 6mph perhaps?!

Cheers for the subs :slight_smile:

Brilliant, love it!! :hehe:

Right watched them all.

wheres the rest! :wink:

Enjoyed it.

The “going too fast” is a standard response to ANY incident involving motorbikes…w4nker

Want to get fit without running…get yerself down a boxing gym!

Brilliant! :smiley:

Nice work!

Another LB Vblogger - good news!


Great work, subbed!

You’d give David Mitchell a run for his money in the next series of Peep Show :smiley:

First things first…Subbed!

Your voice is awesome and you are FLIPPING MAHOOOOSIVE!!!

In BP, i’m pretty sure you almost headbutted the sign…

Cheers for the comments guys and glad you enjoyed!

Columbo - Haha, well I’m 6"3 and the camera is mounted on the top of my lid which does give me a nice extra couple of inches… ohhh err!

Waxy - i did actually start doing some boxing training and loved it - but work, life, laziness and massive man boobs got in the way…!

very good, & nice touch with the mention of Daniel’s led’s :hehe:

Ooops… Sorry Daniel if you live there…! The building itself is a beauty, a modern classic, a real gem in the Putney skyline… :)…