Barney with Attitude - Straigh Outta Compton


thats funny.

haha that’s quality!

That is quality :smiley:

Ha ha, that’s amazingly well done. Someone spent a lot of time syncing that all up!

Not sure it’s better than CB4 though…

“Float like a cannon ball, sting like a shark… I’m the n**** waitin for you in the dark”

Followed up by their classic ‘Sweat from my balls’ Great movie :wink:

shamelessly nicking that for my FB… Quality! :smiley:

this one always makes me laugh

Great additions!! Cheers

Loving the Barney and Help The Police videos :laugh:

My own addition (most because you can just about make my head out in the crowd) is the first 2:30 of this video - Fck Tha Police on Ukulele … hardcore - you know the score :laugh: