Bargain of a life time

I am moving home on Saturday (28th of June 2008)
Considering that my new home has got and integrated one of those

I cannot be fu*cked moving the thing.
So if any one wanna it, it is 2 years old, mint and going for £300 under the condition that you pick it up this Saturday from my Northolt flat anytime from 10am to 1015am (ok 11am if it is an LB member)

Here us where you can find the specks and do not even think about making an other below the £300 because I rather dispose of the thing and ruin the environment than letting it go for less (reality is the buyer of my flat is giving the £350 for it but he **** me off so much during the conveyancing that I rather someone else does get it.

PM me if interested.

If you add some crash bungs and an Akro it’s a deal :wink:

License for road use is not very clear for this model but crash bungs are a possibility. I will look if I can get them fitted on time :slight_smile:

Does it come with a lettuce?

It doesn’t come with lettuce! It doesn’t come with bacon!
This is 800 nickers in any shop,if you luck enough to find one. So it is £300 or nothing.
If fact, fu*k it, I think I will keep it.