Bargain! Hein-Gericke men's black 2 piece leather suite for sale.


sorry for the spam but either I am blind or there is no dedicated forum for buying/selling stuff…

Anyway, as the title says I have got men’s black 2 piece leather suite for sale. Jacket is size 52 and pants are 54 but they zip together nicely. Jacket has 5yrs waterproof guarantee (so I was told in HG shop) I am selling coz I lost weight and bought dainese 52 which is way smaller than HG. I am 6ft (185cm) and was 14stone 2lbs (94kg). Pants are in mint condition but jacket has a few scratches on the back as it saved my own skin once:) Nothing to worry about.

jacket - £75
pants - £25
XL Knox dynatex back protector - £50 brand new (£100 in the shop)

collection only: sw16

Drop me an email [email protected] or call me on 07818826203 and I will send you some pictures.

Think you must be blind mate :stuck_out_tongue: - there’s are dedicated rooms for buying/selling! Check here…