Barcelona Ride Out Log

I just returned from a great trip to Barcelona, where I attended to an interesting event, a Ride Out , hosted by a vespa rental tourist agency(http:// Must to admit that I was a bit surprised at the begining. If i got it well, this agency besides the classic services, once a year is hosting this kind of events, where scooters of over 125-150cc can make their appearance along with their older sisters, the motorcycles. The purpose of this Ride is to gather along as many bikers as they may and introduce them Barcelona with its rich history, starting with the Old Town, the most hidden spots where it is easily recognizable the latin hallmark, but most of all, to introduce them to the special routes for ridding their “horses”.

Even if it wasn’t a typical ride out, I really enjoyed it !
this is my log for now…To Be Continued

Sounds good any pic’s ?

and a route map for the road geeks.