Barbecue Routine

Ha ha Pan, that didint go well did it :slight_smile:

Besides a mans BBQ involves meat and beer, no plates/salad or any of that stuff that the girlies do;)

there are some touchy females on here, if the ladies were so dominant at the barbie how come the blokes have to get thier own beer?:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that sounds like a challenge paul. is your cooking as bad as your wheelies:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Sorry, a real man cleans his own BBQ. My wife knows better than to go anywhere near my 3 BBQ’s. Yes I am a SAFFA:D

:D:D:D i agree with mel:hehe:

Its all about the Man when it comes to the BBQ/Braai :wink:

The man has to do the bbq cos lets face it, some women are abso-f*ckin-lutely useless at cooking. :wink:

And when they go food shopping, they come back eight hours later with a 4 new pairs of shoes instead.

well as i said its no good you cooking as we would all end up in hospital with e coli , and whats wrong with sexy shoes then?:D:P

Some are but this chef by trade isn’t ;)I bought the bbq, I always buy the food AND cook it …oh and drink the wine… he just eats and drinks his Oz Bundy Rum :smiley: We all happy I love doing a bbq, think one maybe on the cards tonight now :smiley:

Nothing wrong with sexy shoes. But does depend on what’s above them. :wink:

LOL exactly

what would that be fellas:D

Sits here with a zipped mouth and a smirk… enjoying the show.


photo oppotunity:P

dont tell her that wolfie, remember the ‘famous’ avatar? Anne’ll be posting up allsorts!!

Still sitting quietly… behaving myself… for once! :w00t:

bring it on:Ppleeeaase