Banstead Common Honey - pure cold extracted honey and profits to charity

Had a good crop of honey from last season from the Hives in my garden (South Sutton).

From my garden the bees fly within a 3 mile radius so that is

HMP Prison Sutton , Banstead Common, Mayfield Lavender fields and the only green road in Sutton (Freedown Lane !)

The analysis of the honey is back and we had 37 different types of pollen in it so really happy with that and NO traces of two stroke fumes from the trial bike !

Its cold extracted pure filtered honey so a quality product.

Selling for £6 a jar and all profits go to Humanity First.

Humanity First is a Kingston based NGO and I run the uk community stuff (optical/dental work with the homeless and older people support with Staywell) … ty-care-2/

DM me if you are interested (collection from Liverpool Street/Moorgate/Morden/Sutton)


thanks to @The_Sleeper for support yesterday and hope the Honey goes down well mate :slight_smile: