banned from driving

hello im asking on behalf of my brother if it is possible to hold a provisional licence for a scooter up to 50cc when banned from driving and hence will have no licence for a year.Your knowledge would be greatly appreciated,many thanks

Banned from driving means just that… banned. If he’s banned how can he have a provisional licence unless it’s a bent one or obtained by deceit.

Did he get banned under the age of being able to hold a proper licence?


Try this scooter:

Its a punishment, don’t look for loopholes, take it like a man

Banned means banned.

He’ll have to get used to using public transport and/or push bike.

Brother? Yeah right !! I buy Viagra for mine;)

Yeah i’d see a 50cc scooter as punishment too:D:D


Try this 4x4

Well if he’s banned then there is usually a good reason for it!, so I dont really wanna met him on the road… but ive got an old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles skateboard with a wobbly wheel in the garage he can have :smiley:

Nice, just because you get banned doesnt means you drive like an ass on the road. I got banned for doing a wheelie and crap one at that as it was a failed attempt and the policemen that reported me totally exagerated the incident.

sometimes you just get caught having a hoon and have to live with the consequences.

Disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence means just that , HOLDING or OBTAINING.

So your brothers’ licence is suspended until his ban ends.

Welcome to the Oyster club (the bus one, not the blue one)

banned is banned for sure…still stupid to ban people better to retrain them but thats my opinion…once banned people then carry on driving but without insurance…thats worse…