Bank lunch club

Seeing as pay day this month falls on a Friday, does anyone who works around the bank/monument area fancy meeting up for lunch?

I suggest the London Stone as it’s easy to find, pretty good food and prices and fast service.

Shall I presume your treating me? :slight_smile:

you can have one of my olives

is that “code”…

…if so, I’m game! :wink:

how disappointing.

i thought this was a rideout to rob a bank during lunch hour. :frowning:

I’m up for it, Bank is only 10-15 mins by tube.

Count me in too :slight_smile:

Could be interested I’m just the other side of Tower Bridge.

I am up for a random lunch. I am based near Tower, so bank is just ten minutes up the road… What’s the plan?

Meet in the London Stone about 12:15 then everyone?

Is this the 30th?

I maybe able to duck out the office. I used to work in that building above the London Stone. Always used to have the smell of dope coming up the fire escape stairway!

I am based north from Bank - so could be up for it.

aye, the 30th

Can’t do this Friday, off on holidays. But would be up for this in future, as only 5 mins over river by London Bridge.

right. who’s in for tomorrow?

I should be able to come along

I assume this is off in the end… ?

Don’t know to be honest, what you see above is what I can tell in terms of confirmations.

I’m going to pop down, join me if you fancy, I’ll be in a blue TT tshirt and possibly reading MCN.

OK, I’ll be in a black and red bike jacket and carrying an AGV

sorry mate, I’d thought that being August I could get some parking but no way (silly mistake) I can’t even squeeze the scoot into any bays so I’m having to give up. Really did fancy lunch away from the awful wharf that I got moved to earlier in the year!