Bank Holiday Monday

Anyony fancy a blat upto Brugge in Belgium? short notice I know but there is still plenty of room on the train.

Leave on Eurotunnel at around 8.30am return around 7.30pm or ealier. Cost £29 per bike

Be a nice steady non motorway ride up to Brugge and maybe a nice fast blat back? or the other way round or what ever

Need defo’s as the train needs to be booked.

This is off, weather forcast is not good for the weekend!

Too close to the TT as we leave for the Isle of Man that week

Maybe next time

your as bad as jp

So wot’s ur excuse

Can do Sunday if peep’s prefer really don’t mind.

Will have to check train availability.

Idealy we need to catch a train around 8.30 that would mean in Brugge for 12/12.30ish have a good wonder catch a train back around 6ish if there is space, that sort of time is usually full.

Yep plenty of room on the trains on Sunday

0820 out 1820 back any takers?