Bandit Luvers!!!!!!

Howdy All
Finally just after gettin myself a bike!! After bein on my dads bike for acouple of months and nearly destoryin it a couple of time!!!He wonted it back!!!Anyway Its a 01 Bandit 1200!!! And I’ve been told that there’s a restristor some were in the wirin which when taken out, it will make the first couple of gears more responsive!!!
Just wonderin if anybody could enlighten me as to if this is true or not and if so, what do i have to do???
Cheers in advance…

The SV has to keep the noise level down in the first gears but didnt think the Bandit did as well.


Timmy, take a picture of the bike and post it up, it’s a stunner of an example, I really like it! No idea about the resister, but it sounds like a TRE to me if anything (which do diddly).

Its the Throttle Response Sensor which can be unplugged. It doesnt give you more horses but its meant to keep the front down when plugged in. Its on the riders RHS by the carb.

Got a B12 meself and cant say ive heard anyhting about restrictors apart from something in the pipe thats impossible to get out .

1st gear 4k crack it open an up she comes

Nice one Timmy!! You can wash it and start it to your hearts content! LOL

Get some pics up dude. And the front.

Lol andrew, i know its great know worry’s about not been able to get home!!! lol. Cheers all for ur reply’s, will get a pic up as soon as i get home…

I had an '01 Bandit 12 as well, and so I was told the thing that people unplug that is supposed to restrict it only removes the rev limiter. I can’t be 100% sure that what my mate said is right, but he does alot of bike tuning/rolling road set-ups and knows his stuff!