Bandit K7 Fi restriction

Was wondering if anybody had a suzuki bandit K7 or newer that knows what type of restrictor kit is used and if it can be easily removed.
am looking at getting the 650 but it’s fuel injected not carburettors.
It’s been restricted by the local dealer was just wondering if anyone can help me out instead of me forking out more money to get the dealer to remove it

It’s done by the ECU if it was done by a dealer

is this something that is easy to change/remove?
like is it an add on component to the ecu to temporarily restrict, or would it be a remap of the core ecu itself

I think they just swap over the ECU for a few shekels

You could also ask at:
Lots of knowledgable people there when it comes to bandits.

not sure if the 2009 one would fit your bike, but this is on ebay. half hour’s work to swap them over yourself, if that.