Bandit Coils

I bought a coil for my Bandit from ebay and the sellers chopped the HT leads in half, do the HT leads come out of the coil or has he sold me something I cant use?


i think they are not removable, you should be able to tell if they are they would have like a screw cap on where lead goes in if they are.

how much of the lead have you got on em? you can buy connectors where you plug in and can attach ht lead to the other side of the connectors.

if you have no joy go and ask on for a coil, its a good site but runs a bit slow at mo.

From what i can remember of my 600 I think the coils are a sealed unit so do what choprocker says and get the connectors.

Ok cheers - as I thought then a sealed unit, I’ll see what I can do but if I cant do much I’ll claim my monbey back through Paypal

have ask on that site i said, there are some about.

why not getting some coils of an r1 or something similar and use Coils-Over-Caps and ditch coil-lead-cap alltogether???

if ya wanna pay out get some dyna coils.

If they’re the same as Slingy coils, then they’re not sealed - the leads are held in with little clips which invariably break when you try to remove them.
You can replce the chopped leads with new ones the right length (just buy a few metres of HT lead) and seal the leads into the coil with high temp silicone sealer.Loads of oil-cooled suzukis running around like that :slight_smile: