Bandit carburettor synchronisation question.

I finally got round to doing a sync on the Bandit (2002 600) carbs. I have done this before on the old GS550 several times without too many issues so was confident to attack the Bandit. The problem I have is that carbs. 2 & 3 are adjusted using the same idle screw, where as 1 & 4 have separate ones. So I can sync 1,2,4 or 1,3,4 perfectly but have had to leave number 2 pulling a higher vacuum on the gauge.

Is there an obvious trick to this that I am missing or ??

The valves are all adjusted (did myself, so confident) & I have done a water mist check on the rubber boots & stock airbox connection and does not show any symptoms of a leak.

Andy ideas? Thank you!


Use the first screw to balance carbs 1&2, the last screw to balance 3&4 then the middle one to balance 1&2 against 3&4

Apologies if this post sounds like teaching grandad to suck eggs if you’re okay with the procedure on your other bike:

Bearing in mind that when synchronising the carbs you are simply adjusting the position of the throttle linkages in relation to one another so that WOT is achieved at exactly the same point; if its the same as the 95-99 bandit 600 setup then the cable/throttle stop will be attached to number 2 (from memory, check on your bike though) so that becomes your reference. Therefore viewed from the rider’s perspective first use the left hand screw to match cyl 1 to whatever cyl 2 is pulling, then the middle to match cyl 3 then the right hand screw to match cyl 4. If the bike rides okay though (no flat spots, misfires or running on) I wouldnt change anything personally. Its not as critical as valve clearances in terms of longevity.

Thank you, looks to me like I left my brain on tick over as well when I did it. All looks logical now and will have another go.

I used to do 4 cylinders well with a dual pipe & ball contraption, but treated myself to 4 nice shinny gauges - too easy and was not thinking. :slight_smile: