Bandit bikes, formerly at Nelson Street E1

The original poster on the other site has just confirmed that this was indeed false alarm, and that his bike is at E1 motorcycles. Case of someone getting their wires rather crossed ! Phew! I have Edited the Threads title for you;) PJ

Just seen this posted on another site :angry:

Oh dear…poor fella, hope there’s a rational explanation and its not as it seems

Gutting :frowning:

just to let you know you can buy telephone numbers without having any connection to the previous owner.

The Number for Bandit Bikes is now E1 bikes, not a dry cleaners. Though it may be a dry cleaners at the shop that was previously Bandit Bikes.

E1 bikes is elsewhere, at the end of the limehouse link.

Perhaps you should post to that forum that he should call them up and find out where they are :smiley: It sounds like E1 has his bike.

Cheers for that, have posted it up…

Denis is a mate of mine, like previoiusly mentioned, they have moved around the corner nothing to worry about literally next to Rotherhithe tunnel.

or at least give em a call and say some1 has nicked your bike under their old name etc, if they are innocent in the matter they may well be able and willing to help.

Luckily this was a false alarm ! Original post updated.

Denis took over Bandit bikes, and moved it to Cable street over 2 years ago, so I guess the bloke weren’t that much of a regular.

Thanks for the edit PJ :wink:

Are people laughing at him on the other forum, I think people should be laughing…:smiley:

lucky… if that was me i would **** myself lol

Not that I’ve seen, it’s one if the IAM message boards so doesn’t tend to be too much banter on there !!!

i bet they stay on topic as well :rolleyes: :smiley:

ha ha ha that made me smile…aah fond memories on the day i went on a IAM rideout…:w00t::w00t::w00t: