Bandit 600 MOT & TAX for sale


Unfortunetly im having to put my baby up for sale as im due to start college in sept and I wont be able to afford the insurance aswell as the course fees!!! :crying: (And I dont have the time or money to fix it >see description<

So im looking to downgrade back to a 400 or something fairly cheap on insurance etc.

(The last 2 pictures were just taken) The bar end mirrors are not included… everything else is. Along with the original exhaust (Full system but it has been repaired)

A new belly pan that needs to be painted (Without fitting kit)

original handle bars, levers, clutch master & mirrors.

Legal number plate & new fork seals also included.

Good points.

HAWK Alarm & Immobiliser

It has just under a years MOT & TAX


Brake pads all round


K&N oil filter

K&N air filter


Side casing gaskets & bolts

Carb float valves & bolts

And some other little bits all fitted within the last 1000miles

Mileage is 26146

Bad points.

2 leaking fork seals (New seals are included I just havent had them fitted)

and I think it needs new clutch plates.


Viewing welcome, open to sensible offers/px

North london


I dont know what it is worth. so I am open to offers.

look for examples on ebay and adjust accordingly

my uncle is looking at bandit 600’s and i’ve been helping…

similar age and mileage to yours i’ve seen standard examples going from £750 to £1350…what your bikes worth?? £500 if your lucky as a private sale needing some work like you mentioned the clutch and fork seals need sorting and possibly a rear tire and chain and sprockets too :Whistling:

it’s either spend a little to ask better monies and less things wrong for a buyer to knock down upon inspection or cut your losses and sell as is for a quick sale price.

stick it on gumtree or ebay you’ll get offered all sorts of swaps and stupid prices or just keep the thing and get your monies worth out of it

I’ll start the bidding at £500 then…:slight_smile:

Check what spares and repairs go for…

I sold my 97 bandit at the beginning of our so called summer for £950 if i recall right but didlt need any work at all and had every extra going and came with spares and new tyres

Depends how quickly you want to get rid of it…

When you come up with a price drop me a PM have a mate thats looking for a 600 at the right price…

Did you ever think of a price?

sorry I havent been on much.

I had a look on ebay the other night and I saw a few going for around the 1100 mark same year etc… but very little tax and a few thousand miles more than mine.

So I have ordered a new clutch kit im just waiting for it to arrive then I will probably stick it on ebay as Im not sure what its worth. Obviously I want as much as I can get and everyone else is going to want it as cheap as possible so my only solution is a bidding war.

I put it on the bay and it finished 10mins ago for bang on what I wanted £1300

Now im just waiting payment!

well done!