Bandit 1250 GT £3,600 ono





Wow tough times selling these days, no interests…

I’m actually quite interested but I have a lot of thinking to do because I already have two bikes. Will need to sell one before I can get another which could take some time.

Well I’m waiting on the V5 to come through to register it to my address so might not be able to sell by Saturday.

We’ve toured on one of these and they’re BRILLIANT bikes. I’m thinking things I really shouldn’t :slight_smile:

Huge torque, great ergonomics, great storage, good range, cheap to repair…

Does it come with the sat nav? What’s the condition?

Does not come with the satnav or the rider! :smiley: The condition is good, never been dropped or crashed. It’s a clean bike but since it hasn’t been used since December the battery is probably dead. It’s not my bike as stated but another member on here KML who’s moved to Oz and left the bike with me. If you want specifics about the bike you could ask Kelv as well.

+1. Had one for over three years, well over 40k miles and these bikes are pretty sensational. Best engine I’ve ever come across in motorcycling, utterly dependable, always there when you need it and when you do need it, there’s always plenty in reserve.

I think it’s nuts that no-one’s snapped this one up yet at that price :hehe:

We’ve seen this bike in action and would have it if we were looking for another one.

can also vouch that this is a cracking bike and thats a good price :slight_smile:

We could have an auction;)



(BrickinIt’s a tight-ar$ed git)



(shakes head)