Bandit 1200 2006 limited edition with 130bhp+

Supermoto 125cc or bigger

Its an honest bike and as you should already know, i had lots of drama with it.
anyway its perfectly fine, i just replaced her with the new 1250 in the same colour scheme.

Pulls like a bloody train, sounds awesome and looks like crap so nobody wants to nick it.

Considering the money i spent on her, its a bloody bargain.
Dont let the mileage put you off.
1 years MOT and 3 months TAX remaining.
Great tyres, loads of receipts and history.


can be viewed in South-east london near eltham.

Why you charging us LB’ers more? :’(

hehe whoops

typo honest!

Less than £1700 for a bike with new tyres, new MOT, still has tax and more importantly over 130BHP at the wheel.

Thats only £13 per BHP!

Il give you £1 per BHP? :smiley:

Bikes gotta go, DVLA will be on to me about no Insurance then i have to declare her off road etc.
Which would be a waste.

If someone has cash and can take her away by next weekend you can have her for £1600

Thats STILL more than the ebay listing…

Listing was revised after.
Its only got 3 days left.

i think a £1 for every cc is more like the right price…

Considering 1 year older versions of this EXACT bike are going for £2500… i think my price is VERY fair.
Il just hold on to it for a little longer, seems the market is flooded with shitty bandit 1200s

just because they are advertised at £2500 dosent mean that what they are selling for… i mean i could put my bike at £400000000 dosent mean it going to sell now does it…

ATM its a buyers market bikes are selling cheap as chips…

i picked up a K3 bandit 1200 with half the mileage of yours with all the add ons for £800…

Just Saying…

oh no not the one from greenwich with the fucked engine?.
Half faired right?

No not that one

I can give You £1 for 1cc cash

Wont go lower than advertised.
Looks like im keeping her, calling insurance company tomorrow to re-insure her and use through winter.

Up for a p/ex.


125cc preferred like a DT125SM
But might be tempted by a larger engine :smiley:

as always plans have changed :frowning:
Getting moaned at for having this sitting around…

Remember its taxed til end of november and has 11 months MOT, spanking new tyres and a rebuilt engine… did i mention over 130-grunty,none of your arse up head down-bhp?

let me know when and where I can see you and the bike tommorow during a day or saturady day time

PM me
I around all day tomorrow SE9