ban on low flying aircraft over east end....

following that incident in forest gate this morning, the caa have banned aircraft below 2500ft flying over east end for 4 days!

And someone at work just told me the police had set up a road block on vauxhall bridge road, and were stopping cars

Dunno if the Vauxhal Bridge thing will be connected mate. they have had ANPR road checks on the Bridges for the last Couple of Friday Nights … Last Friday they were covering all Bridges in London !!

feels like home- im from Belfast!

nah, it aint anything like that over there anymore…

Ha ha!

Hey we could always paint the kerb stones and put up loads of corrugated metal sheeting to make you feel nostalgic for the old days

make sure you use the proper coloured paint though or there will be trouble

red white and blue all the way

Glad you clarified that one as I was just off to get a load of green white and gold paint and I suppose you won;t be wanting a copy of The Dubliners Greatest hits either?

BTW…PMd u re the restaurant thing…