Ban motorcycles over 600cc says road safety group

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Why bikes?! ‘The move is needed to reduce emissions’ Theres far more cars over 600cc, probably almost every single 1 is! If its all about emissions ban the cars - silly old twat! :smiley:

What an idiot!!! I would love to know what he drives, can bet you whatever it is it produces more emissions than any bloomin bike on the road.

He’s been banging on about this for ages and the government disregarded him last time he said it…

The soppy old fu©ker probably drives around on the smell of his own self ****. What an arse, as if they will make a whole difference all the time there are Chelsea tractors driving kensington, etc etc.

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Anyway, does anyone here know how to find out what current motorcycles actually do emit as I can’t find this information anywhere. There is a website devoted to finding out what your car emits but nothing that I can find for bikes. I googled it and found a study by some prof in Belgium that seemed to be based on old data but nothing up-to-date. Any enviro-warriors out there who know where to find this sort of stuff?

depending on your bikes age it should be on the V5

What I’m after is a breakdown of the actual emissions i.e. CO2 VOC’s etc. etc. for different engine sizes. There must have been some research done on this somewhere?

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I tried to get this info for scooters, but it seems that manufacturers just don’t provide the info. I suppose the answer is for more people to ask for it! French scooter mags have emissions info

Okay. I found this.

As I thought modern Euro 3 compliant bikes are significantly less polluting than cars. :smiley:

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As emission standards in the US did not take effect until 1978 (on motorcycles), Honda took advantage of the “Built prior to January 1, 1978” and there for it has no emission controls at all. And for those that do not known the reason you need more than 600cc is to get away from some goober, that is trying to kill you, either deliberately or through inattention.

You could look up the Euro3 standards and that would be fairly good, I have seen some stats on scooter emissions and they are not so good, particularly on two strokes.

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Scooters are subject to the same Euro 3 standards as bikes. Knowing what those standards were would be a good start, as you say, but that would only give you the maximum emissions (and I don’t think it would tell you about particulates - although I’m likely to be wrong).

It’s hard enough to get mpg figures, let alone anything else.

Cheers for sharing that. Some interesting facts, but I think it’s important to recognise that the conclusions look like a mixed bag. In % terms, it says bikes are significantly less of a problem than cars, (but of course there are less bikes on the road). In direct comparison terms, bikes are somewhat less polluting and use a little less petrol than cars, but there’s not a big difference (especially when you compare big bikes with cars).When we go touring on two bikes, my not incredibly scientific conclusion is that we use about as much petrol between us as we would if we were sitting in one small car. After reading this presentation, I suspect that we’re probably making more emissions on two bikes than we would in one car.This is unlikely to make me give up my bike, but it’s a bit of a shame, because I’d generally thought that (as well as loving to ride and hating to drive) we were keeping our emissions down by biking, whereas I’d not be so sure of making that claim now.

Y’all know that MCN is a tabloid built on getting people riled up without facts, right? It’s like a two wheeled Sun newspaper, proclaiming that we’re all going to have to have implants so we can be tracked by the government by 2010 or something.

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