Ball Bag

This evening while in the shower, i attempted to do my usual shave of the scroatee and it amazed me just how low my ball bag was.:blink:

It has never in my life drooped so low it looked like i had two drum sticks togeather…WTF caused this.

It has since retracted back to the usual brain configuration which is re-assuring, but just trying to get some scope on this…

is it because ive turned 36 this year? i dunno…

What happends then if i’m smashing the hell out of a hair kebeb and it just drops…folding around and hitting her naival?..

for the love of god man…will this ever happen again and am i just getting old here?:crazy:


a) you are old
b) you may just like your ballsack been slapped against the hair kebab’s surrounding environment

Maybe get Stewart Walker to look at it on Sunday early hours, at the Hugs on the Heath event?:slight_smile:

Ahhh my little cutie Hels…

So…are you saying stewart should give my ball bag a hug?:smiley:


It doesn’t sound like old age - no problems of that sort in our department. Yours is probably just about to drop off.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well yoiu can always give it a shot if it’s causing problems, am sure Stewart will be happy to lend a helping hand (job) :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

To quote Jetstream: This thread is useless without a picture.

If you want serious diagnosis everybody needs to be able to gauge the scale of the problem.

I guess it was a hot shower.

Try having a cold shower, see what effect that has down there :laugh:

I think your current state of I’ll health has caused blood to find more important places to be and so causing a saggy scrotum…maybe a weekly analysis will help us decide! :wink: …you know how much you love those!

It’s the heat of the shower, basically your sac is being lowered to increase the surface area around them to expel the heat quicker and they’re retreating away from the other source of heat - your body. It’s to stop your sperm from being cooked.

Also I believe that there is some slight sagging with aging too.

If you’re afraid you nuts might do it again, get a set of Biker Ballz

Stop whining. I don’t see a problem. You get to smash a kebab AND use your sack as an executive toy. Double your fun…


Maybe your balls are finally dropping? :smiley: