Ball and Chain

Was thinking as I’m moving to a new house. Can’t get garage but do have parking over cover. Can’t drill holes to put ground anchor.

Is there something really heavy I could move in place to stop bike thieves… something like a concrete slab that is not movable without a crane and can drill a ground anchor into that?

The question then becomes… how does one dispose of that when one has vacated the property? :smiley:

You need to start thinking house + garage :wink:

I thought this was gonna be a thread about your bird! :smiley:

If you get hold of a large, very heavy old manhole/drain cover (legally) with holes in it to loop a chain through that would be a serious deadweight and might deter a thief.

sorry a bit confused …you have a driveway to park on but they wont allow you to drill holes for ground anchor…is that correct?

Very large bucket ( or plastic crate as used by removal firms even better ) + ground anchor or steel/iron loop ( 16mm+) + sand + concrete + water.

Drop anchor in - pour cement over - 3 hours later you have 200kg+ lump with ground anchor embeded

Job done :smiley:

(slab no good - too easily cracked)

Well I’m still looking for properties… can’t find flat with garage for my budget unfortunately. And three properties I’ve asked, none have wanted me to put a ground anchor in… :frowning:

Interesting idea on the bucket+concrete thing…

Question is, how does one get rid of it after one vacates the property! :smiley:

me too! :laugh:

It’s what got me thinking about this! :smiley:

you could get one of these!

Ah more difficult - hire a kango hammer and break it into bits I guess :slight_smile:

What area Serisan?.

I have double room, garage, anchors CCTV going… Brentford (TW8)

I’d say get something like this

…and before you put the soil/plants in, half fill it with concrete with a towing eye sticking out :smiley:

Classy, hidden and NOT getting moved easily :stuck_out_tongue: …oh, and you wouldn’t need to move it as it’d add ‘charm’ to the property

Can’t put a flower pot as no room for a car after that… :smiley:

Garage shed may be difficult to fit in there…

The bucket+concrete idea looks the best at the moment… How to dispose of it later is another issue… but if it’s transferrable in some way, may take it with me to new property! :smiley:

Charlie - moving to Sussex and trying to get my own place :smiley:

What about an actual ship’s anchor? :smiley:

if your bucket anchor weighs less than 300k you could easily move it with an engine hoist.

alexs idea is quite good and you dont have to go that big to get the same effect as your bucket and concrete

They actually sell flower pots specifically for that purpose

you’re all showing through your feminine side i gather!

Alex Gold you’re spending too much time on the wrong bike lately :laugh:

the concrete bucket idea sounds pretty great.

when you leave, just drag it down the road a bit and dump it.

Or if you live in Lewisham - you’ll need an anchor this big…