Baking in progress

See you all at Borough Market tomorrow about 18:00

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Can’t make it :frowning:
My wife has a tennis match

So? Come!

As long as the weather holds up, I’ll be there.

After all your panning Pun, you’re skipping out on the London Bikers Bakers Borough Market Meet?

Tennis is just racket to get you to buy expensive punnets of strawberries.

New balls please!


You just keep ping ponging between going to BMM and not going to BMM

Mah! Sounds like your at fault!

What cake we getting keV?

Damn I thought this was Wednesday! Is everyone still there? I’m just down the road, I’ll shoot up.

it is Wednesday, i think they are just getting excited and prepared

Didn’t read “tomorrow” :man_facepalming:.

Cheers :beers:

Damn you guys are getting good at puns

All shall be revealed tomorrow. :grinning: :yum: :cake:

Yay, see you there tomorrow.