I am sure I rememeber reading once on here that certain bike manufacturers were going to donate bikes to the met police for this kind of operation! let me see if I can track it down.

Ah ha, found it, knew I wasn’t going crazy :slight_smile:

You could set a bait bike up, and when they nick it take their picture :smiley:

Then you can post it on the web for all to see!

It might be difficult to restrain folks from taking a bit more than their picture:w00t:

Great :frowning: check out what they used as a bait bike in the other thread …:crying:

I wonder what the current state of bike thefts is in Camden 1 year later… Thieves probably moved to working EC1 instead.

Also the sentences are not harsh from a tea leafs perspective? What happens when a bike thief gets caught? Any stats on that? Do the ‘buyers’ of stolen bikes ever get caught?

Its organised crime after all, deal with it like all organised crime. KILL EM ALL!

Can always try the paintballing option :cool:

I did enjoy that vid !


But lets see. How many offences were committed by the shooters under English law?

Got a nasty feeling that the thief would be the one the law defended and supported.

Did they have automatic paintball guns…Cool :smiley:

This would be great to use on London bike thief vermin, but how long before they tool up with something a little more real.

so owning a bike then?

Ah, good ol’fashion kidnap charges:cool: Are we allowed to make the mofo dig their own grave too!:w00t:

Eezy, that vid is the nads!:cool: