Bagster dealers

Are there any bagster dealers in london that actually have the tankbags in stock so i can pop in and have a look…the website fotos are crap and it’s near impossible to gauge size/fit

Generally, no. Baglux are well aware that they’re the only people with that product, and it’s nigh-on impossible to get any information out of them.

The bike shop next to H Cafe (Infinity?) in Oxfordshire had some when I was there a long while ago, and I think Bikestop in Stevenage sometimes has one or two. Which one are you interested in? You’re probably more likely to find an owner on here than a real-life shop with any stock.

Motolegends can be ok about them but they don’t keep stock of the tank covers.
Baglux include no install instructions which isn’t a problem on the smaller bikes.
When fitting gather tank cover for my Tiger it took me ages to work out you had to loosen or remove body panes to get it to fit.
Bit of a PITA actually.

I’ve not been in there for a couple of years, but Bikebitz in Yately near Camberly always used to carry a stock of the bags.

Motolegends is worth a visit anyway. They also do spare bits for old bagsters too and will order in what you want.

Thanx guys will try all the recommended shops…looking at the evosign vs minea. …wld prefer the larger evo for an upcoming g trip…just trying to gauge if it wld be comfortable with a gsxr…or perhaps a bit big to get my arms around

Fitting I’m ok on…done so many over the years…generally just leave it somewhere warm and then tension up

If I recal, (ACEMAN - Martin) on here was some sort of dealer for Bagster ???

Well thanx all,however-

Rang Infinity.Gt Portland st 1st…no bags in stock across any of their stores?

Motolegends-1 bag in stock…not 1 of the bags that I’d shortlisted

Bykebitz- none in stock

Bikestop-none in stock

Slocombes -none in stock

Rang around a few others altho I’m sure you get the picture by now


Contacted importer and having some bags sent to infinity Farnborough tomorrow

@IMORTAL_Indian - You have a good memory. Unfortuanately, since Tranam took over from Trophy UK, and became the importers and distributors for Baglux in England, I get very little discount now, so can only get people about 10% discount from the retail prices.

I just bought a tank cover for my new toy on Ebay from a dealer shop called “nativeviking” as they actually had one in stock, and I needed it urgently. I ordered it on 22nd July at midday, and it was delivered to my local Argos shop for collection today (23rd July). Where as Tranam didn’t have this in stock, and said that it could be about three weeks before they can get one for me. As time was of the essence, I paid retail and got it within 26 hours.

@ Arecibojoe - I have a few of the tank bags; Tweety, Driver, Newsign, Toureg, and the Map Pocket. If you want to try one of these on your bike, drop me a PM and we can try to arrange this.

Hah, I think that’s where my (first) cover and bag came from. Both, too, arrived in what felt like about half an hour.