Baffle made for the Graves Motorsport full Ti system - GSX-R 750 K8

As part of a batch of upgrades (articles to come) I’ve fitted a a titanium full-system Graves Motorsport exhaust to the 750, which is incredible, but after a couple of days of using it, it became obvious that at certain times, it’d need to be quieter, i.e. trackdays and trips into countries that don’t appreciate the wonderful sound of gsx-r going through the gearbox on full throttle.

A quick email and Mark at MHP said he’d make up a baffle especially for it. A quick spin up to Stevenage later and Mark was measuring things, clunking around with big machines. A short while later, a three-way adjustable baffle was installed and set on the mid-way point, bringing it down to a much more usable 103db (tested).

I’m really impressed with the quality of the Graves system, it’s tough, well-built, yet bloody light and sounds like someone is prodding an 800lb gorilla with a gsx-r branding iron.

Mark also machined an adapter so the stock Lambda sensor could be installed into the exhaust headers, making the bike run as smooth as it did from the factory, but with a heck load more grunt and noise.

The weight difference with the Graves system is huge, about 10kg difference. No tuning has been done yet, that’s to come when we stick it on a dyno and get a custom map made for the Power Commander 5 waiting to be installed.

The exhaust system came from Race Performance Parts - check them out if you want a quality exhaust.

End result:

Making it:

If you need stuff like this done or repairs to your exhaust, you should give MHP a look, Mark does an amazing job and is very accommodating.

I also had some Pirelli Angel ST (sports-touring) tyres fitted at FWR today in preparation for the ride to Italy next week. They’ve been tested at 133mph for 4k miles. That should do me then! They feel bloody good as well, surprising how much grip there is, even whilst scrubbing them in on the way up to Stevenage.




Second that.

Mark is a good guy…Bought a baffle from him for the GSX-R 1000 on Thursday.

The exhaust was measured by him to be just on the limit, but I bought the baffle anyway as some tracks are even more stricter than Brands.

Good quality item and only £20 (I bought the non adjustable fancypants one that Jay got :smiley: ).

Thanks dude - that Graves can does sound awesome when it whizzes past you too! :slight_smile: I dont think the baffle reduced the quality of the sound at all. Im sure youll enjoy it :smiley:

Just to make people aware, most of the Graves Exhaust range are under the 105 db limit. We have new outlets on some of the “louder” systems to reduce the noise levels to 102 db’s. Glad your happy with it Jay :smiley:

very smart