Baffle in or out?

I’ve got a nice stainless system on the bike with a removable baffle. So I took it out and gave it a few blips. Baffle back in thanks! My FJ1200 has ART race cans, no baffles and used to make the neighbours sash windows rattle, so I’ve stuck with quieter bikes since then (they are nice people).

Depends on the bike on the bike and can. I had a Buell a few years back that was offensively loud and that’s kind of put me off loud bikes. After that came a zx6 fitted with a ART can that wasn’t to loud even with the baffle out, so never bothered to put it in till I did a track day and then never bothered to take it out again.

Left the stock can on my blade and will be leaving the standard one on the sprint ST as well, which to be fair is already pretty loud anyway :slight_smile:

I have just a triumph tack only can on mine bike no baffles so I don’t have to choose :slight_smile:

My Old CB500 was offensively loud with it’s aftermarket can and baffle out. It failed an MOT for excessive noise, they put the baffle in and it passed with a note about excessive noise. Think I got the noise thing out of my system with that bike.

out, smoother throttle and very marginally better MPG. Don’t think they are offensively loud, but they are meaty.

Not much difference in mine from baffles in to baffles out with no catalytic converter. More bass but no flames…:crying:

Out - 103/5 db and passes an MOT with no advisory (somehow)

What’s a baffle :laugh::w00t:

Got a debaffled Scorpion can on my SV, sounds the nuts and people hear me filtering past, no reason to put it back in until the MOT

My Sprint RS had a lovely can with no baffle (Titanium Scorpion can). It sounded absolutely glorious and was rather loud at full chat, but not offensive at lower revs. The MOT tester used to love revving it up and he always passed it with no issues. He just loved the sound of it. It used to sing “God Save the Queen” around Parliament Sq most mornings when I had the bike.

My x11 makes my ears bleed.

Scorpion pipes sound the BEST!

Baffle the neighbours :wink:

Made all my neighbours windows rattle as you pulled away from my place.

My wife said ‘what the hell was that’:hehe:

My CR500 Supermoto was like that, way too loud!:blush:

Out if it wont upset the neighbours…

In… otherwise it upsets plod :wink:

Fixed that for ya mate :smiley:

loud pipes save lives.

my ntv is loud but tbh id like it louder lol not sure if anyone on hear has hurd my ntv to comment on the noise =]