Badge of honour?

OK, so it’s a bit turd to open with that and not back it up with pics…Lost the lead for my phone to download pics, but I’ll find her…oh yes!

Went in for the 1st MOT today and the mechanics couldn’t stop quizzing me about the grind marks on the stands and the off side body work…

I have blue, high temp burn marks (rings) on both sides, front and rear of the tyres on a Honda Dylan. Reserved normally for litre plus bikes on the track as I’m to understand.

Bear in mind this is only a 125cc scoot, ridden as a courier bike on London roads (no track or A roads) :wink:

A lot of so called “sports bikers” dismiss all scooters out of princeobel with good reason, on occasion…

All I’ll say is beware the red Dylan doing you round the outside of a roundabout/corner with sparks flying off the side or center stand…:wink:

pics to follow…

Can’t wait for the pictures, sounds fun.

its still a bloody scooter charly :stuck_out_tongue:

now your speed on the deauville was impressive :w00t:

The bluing on the tyres is caused by how quickly they cool down. But you must of been getting them quite hot to start with. :slight_smile:

ah, so you were the stuntman for this:

I love the French version of ‘Taxi’ lol…

Good work on the tyres! My fear of the cost of tyres is probably the only thing that stops riding to ‘full potential’ :stuck_out_tongue:

seen the badge with my own eyes…you loon:D

had the pegs AND exhaust down on the CBF…makes ya jump:w00t: turned my front dics a funny bluey colour too, tyres are blistered and chicken strip free…oh we do get to have fun during the day;):smiley:

you got a new one? i thought yours was blue!? wondered why i hadnt seen y around town fella:D

The original you mean? so much better than the american remake. how could they change it to a bicycle???