Bad World

Couldn’t not share this with y’all

Gonna see if I can get the demo of the game now :slight_smile:

yeah played the 360 demo the other night, its good fun
will def get it

blockbusters are doing a deal where you can buy it for £7.99 if you trade-in GTAIV…sounds good to me

Looks like a right laugh. Is it going to be on the PC? I can’t play FPS games on a console, it’s not right. Plus I’ve just upgraded my pc, it now rivals Big Blue.

i’d be very surprised if it didnt make it onto PC as its from DICE and all their battlefield series of games either started on PC or were eventually released on that platform

I’m with you on that, FPS belongs on PC. All the other BF games were released for PC first though… so I don’t know if it’ll just be a reverse of the norm or they’re not planning on having it on PC. Hopefully they will though :slight_smile:

Played the demo online, very good. Think the game is released today :slight_smile:

I’m picking this up, thats for sure!