Bad start... well sort of

Hi everyone.

Just arrived yesterday from Greece in order to begin my postgraduate studies at SOAS.

Last Friday I had the idea of taking my Daytona 675 for a ride to Sounio where it has a lovely twisty road because I would see it again in Christmas. This was the only time I didn’t wear my leather pants because I had left it at my brother’s home. I wore ZARA jeans. Silly of me.

As I was riding around the twisties, there was one blind turn that was covered in sand(lots of it,possibly fell from a truck that passed earlier):crazy:. Suddenly my rear lost traction, regained it violently, and I became Superman(I highsided). I landed on the tarmac and started sliding next to my bike.

The result:

I now have a very sore knee(thank god not broken) and a damaged bike:crying:.

The damages I noticed are:
-broken right weight(I don’t know how it is called in english, but it is in the end of the right clipon)
-broken right footpeg
-broken front right turning signal
-Right side of tank has a small bump
-not broken but heavily scratched(no cracks) right fairing

And that’s about it for now.

Are there any Daytona 675 riders who know
a) how much is it going to cost me to repair these
b) if the spare parts here are any cheaper than they are in Greece(it is a British machine after all).
c) any advice

All the best,


send a PM to arnie he’s real good at playing with broken daytonas:D

send a PM to arnie he’s real good at playing with broken daytonas:D

Although I’m new here, I have noticed that:D

also check with Curtis… he recently had to go to the Triumph dealers for spares…

ps glad to hear youre ok re!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch! Glad you’re OK. Even though the bikes damaged it sounds like it could have been a awful lot worse.

ouch, glad you’re OK. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I know that it could be a lot worse. Today my knee is killing me, and it has become very inconvenient to move around London.Unfortunately, people at the Tube show no consideration when I climb the stairs or walk towards the train. I keep changing the bandages daily and hopefully the scars will be cured in a couple of days/weeks. I will get in touch with the members you advised soon.