bad scooter

Can someone ban this clown for spamming? I can’t see any other contribution other than pasting links to his YouTube Channel. He hasn’t even stuck around long enough to find the embed function.

^^ I concur


I didn’t even grace him with a watch of the video this time, Judging by the Title a scooter done something wrong and he spent 4 minutes saying how bad the scooter was, all the time making horendous mistakes & breaking traffic laws.

Oh, and i bet there is a Police bike in there that he really likes, but in checking it out he nearly hits it…They seem to be the themes for all his videos!!!

It’s not even that good Sam.

Awwwww is the poor ickle vlogger trying to get views up?

This big bad world online has hurt his feelings by not listening to him on his big ol bicycle…

But people like to talk about it, seems odd to ban a thing that several of the regulars feel is worth talking about

If you don’t like a spammer thread you can always press the “report” (red) button at the bottom of a thread to alert admin and give a reason for chucking it off.

Does it not fall foul of the advertising rules? These posts are to generate views on YouTube which I assume are linked to generating advertising revenue (as my channel does). Thus he’s looking for free advertising. A somewhat tenuous link but a link no-less.

all i d is posting video into the section :picture and video ! now if you dont like the video feel free to comment but asking to ban me? lol your a twat


Yes that’s fair enough, but at least make the videos interesting with worthwhile content. so far they have been complete nonsense. If you want to earn money from them then you need to make them so that people will want to watch each one more than once, so far I bet no one has watched each video a 2nd time other than you. also you need to be squeaky clean with your own riding if you are going to make comments on other road users.

There is nothing wrong with posting videos, just take a look at KTMJames’s videos, i can watch them over and over again as they have really cool soundtracks, really cool camera angles, no talking and no judgements on other people’s riding abilities. Or if you do insist on talking through them then have a plan of what you are going to talk about and tell a story about the ride you are on, what your videos are like is if I were to film my commute into work every day and post that up. Everyone knows there are bad drivers/riders in London, it’s not interesting or new for anyone to watch. Go for a ride round central London and tell a story about the area and why you are there, then if you see something happen comment once and move on.

I shamefully fell foul of the ‘don’t feed the troll’ rule… never again!

earning money? lol i make around 190 video in one year making 30k view a month and it took me 11 month to get 60 pound from youtube and you know what i did with the money ? i send it to my wife nephew and niece in the philippines so they can go out :wink:
i just like to make those video for fun

May I recommend reading the Highway code, section 191 might be a good place to start

Rests back in the belief he may have saved some innocent pedestrian from the indiscretions of iridelondonbadly

i will read :wink:

dude, you’ll make so much more w4nking in front of the camera instead of posting this shite. it should come naturally to you. win win.

I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt so, perhaps ill-advisedly, here is an explanation of why people are reacting to you as they are (at least imho).

The problem is you are presenting exactly the sort of image that many people here find irritating.
If you’re going to log your rides in this manner then your riding needs to be, at a bare minimum, safe and competent.
We all make mistakes and no-one here will dispute this, but you simply cannot ride the way you do and then justify your disparaging of other people’s minor transgressions.
This, simply put, is hypocrisy.

You can do what you want, of course, but people will make a judgement on it.
Saying you just do it for fun isn’t really a justifiable excuse.

The other issue is you aren’t an active member of the forum.
What you are doing is essentially spamming the forum with your videos and then disappearing.
This is something, again, that regulars here will find irritating.

I like a good vlog, when it shows some riding skill, or has interesting commentary, or something that is worth seeing.
It would be great if it had all 3.