Bad News - Biker down

At 8am this morning there was a bad crash near where I work on Cowley Road, Middlesex (Between Uxbridge and West Drayton) and it took me an hour and half to do a journey that normally takes 10mins.

I found out after arriving at work that a biker was involved and a car driver had to be cut from the wreckage. The road was blocked off so we had to drive around another route to get to work. There wasn’t much left of either vehicle . (why would a car driver need to be cut from a car that apparently was only hit by a motorbike - can it do that much damage??).

I keep looking on local news and radio but cannot find anything out…it don’t look good . Fingers crossed x

Yes a bike can do a lot of damage if travelling at speed…Imagine 200 kgs or more travelling at 50 or more into another object.

Hope noone was killed.

I really do hope not - it was a horrible mess though

Bikes tend to cut straight through car crumple zones… bad news for both parties. :confused:

Fingers crossed for positive news…

The reason drivers need cut from cars in accidents most of the time is that if they have any suspected back or neck injuries then they need to be immobilised with a spinal board to prevent further injuries.
The only way this is possible is by removing the roof of the car to extricate them!

Yes bikes can do that much damage to car’s!!

I rode my 1200 bandit into the side of an ford orion a few years back after the twat driving turned right on me as i was about to overtake him, and he had to get out the passenger door cos the force of impact caved in the drivers side! me i was knocked out for 9 hours after been slung 26 foot down the road!!

and yes it hurt like hell!!!

There was also another crash today at bout 6 'o clock

not sure what happened jus saw the rider go off on a strecher into a ambulance and the bike bieng rolled away … didnt see any damage to one side so hopefully he is okay aswell

Not a nice thing to read about… Our very own Smokey (SOS Recovery) was called to that horrible crash yesterday to recover the bike… I’m sure we’ll read all about it in this weeks Confessions of a Recovery Man… Hope that all involved are doing ok?!