Bad driving on both sides

I hope both drivers are prosecuted and not just the truck driver

i bet he doesn’t sit in the middle lane again!

i hate middle lane drivers

Note “ex” special constable. Wonder why that might be?

It say’s ‘The former special constable, who now runs a dashcam company’

It is a sign of the times in that there are fuck all traffic cops available to deal with incidents like this, it’s a disgrace really down to budget cuts.

my, what a conveniently good bit of marketing for dash cams.


Exactly. Runs a dash cam company and gets attacked on the road in a very unusual fashion, recording it from 20 different angles.

how many dash cams he had? 10?

I posted about this on another forum - it’s widely accepted that he not only provoked the lorry driver but used it as a marketing strategy.

From the video its clear that:

The first incident happened when the driver of the car was hogging the middle lane with a clear lane to his left travelling at what looks like a slow pace as the lorry was trying to overtake another slower moving lorry.
The lorry overtakes him twice, meaning he pursued the lorry after the first incident, overtook the lorry, slowed down in front of the lorry forcing the lorry driver to overtake him for a second time. The second incident could have been completely avoided if a)he ignored the lorry driver, he already had video evidence b) slowed down and let the lorry driver complete his overtake maneuver instead of maintaining and even increasing his speed.
Possibly making a call on his mobile whilst driving?

He was SOOOO “in fear for his life” and “shaking uncontrollably” for these 14 minutes that… he was able to drive perfectly well and even “followed the lorry to a depot in Dunstable” a good 35 miles away, taking about 50 minutes in average traffic, where an ambulance was waiting to take him away for neck and shoulder pain…

Some guy posted the following:

Did a bit of digging - Apparently not the first time such a thing has happened:

See the one called “Why should I record my journeys?”.
It’s the very same Dashcam Inc bloke, selling his stuff - How convenient that he himself now gets hit, in a manner that leaves him open to some lovely compensation and demonstrates why you need to buy his stuff…

This video is front page of his own website, stating:
"[company name] seeks to empower and protect you on the road through the use of dash cam technology, at home as part of our community watch programme and personally using our FREE 999 emergency police app.
Without a dash cam (in-car camera) this dangerous driver would never have been held to account.

It would simply be his word against the word of the other motorist. And with £3000 worth of damage, the car owner would be considerably out of pocket".

The article photo of his car shows “a number of bumps and scrapes from the incidents”.
Does he drive a Bugatti Veyron or something!!!
What kind of car costs THREE GRAND to replace those piddly little nips shown in teh photos?

Three grand… that six times what I bought our Mercedes for!!!
Guess I’d better get me a DashCam!!!

" The police said it was 50-50, then I produced the footage" - flawless

The guy sounds like a pleb. Unfortunately it looks like the helmet cam warrior fashion is spreading to vehicles. This reminds me of those idiot cyclists who go out looking for trouble for their YouTube channels.

I hope it goes to court and I hope the middle lane driver has sufficiently self-incriminated himself to deserve a £1000+ fine. I would then like for the rest of the footage to be made available so that his goading of the lorries gets him a further conviction for dangerous driving.

Consider that lorries are not allowed to use the outside lane at all, so this guy was otherwise forcing them to undertake him.