Bad driving crackdown in Devon on film

Devon police filmed people breaking the law - the biker doing 130mph seems to be in control and on the ball.The Vans overtaking manouver could have resulted in a fatal.

The car tailgating was agressive and anti-social and could have pre-empted a fatal pile up.

The biker got a ban - the cagers got fines and points - e.g. the person who (in my opinion) presented the least danger to the public (the biker) get’s taken off of the road - while the two really dangerous arseh*les (the two cagers) are still happily driving about.

I liked the way he called it a very busy road but showed footage of a very empty road on a nice sunny day

Yep totally agree Sid.

I dunno, if you are doing 130ish and dont think it strange that there is a car keeping pace with you then you are a tad dumb.

well it was undercover and I have had many cars race me before

yep you have to keep your eyes peeled if you want to be doing those sorts of speeds, I have not been done for speeding on my bike in over 30 years…being such a goody two shoes I only use speed that is appropriate for the conditions and the police at large…

What a load of crud. :angry:

I agree with Sid. Speed doesn’t kill, inappropriate speed kills. So do bad driving standards.

140 on a near deserted motorway just seems illegal to me.

Lane chopping at close quarters looks dangerous and should be very illegal.

Being a bit older than most of you guys, I remember when 140 was legal. On cross ply tyres and with drum brakes. But only in the right places.

New we have rollercoasters and bungee jumping to scare the living daylights out of ourselves! :slight_smile:

Glad your still with us Oldguy! :slight_smile: No wonder so many guys ‘bought it’ in those days.

I heard that the 70m.p.h. limit coincided with the advent of the supercar - people were being observed doing 140/150 m.p.h. in AC Cobras, Aston Martins, Ferraris - so the authorities brought the limit in.

The Germans seem to get on ok with their derestricted autobahns - I wonder if us lot could be trusted with that level of freedom? :wink:

Most of the German autobahns now have some form of speed restrictions in place, but they are a bit more realistic than our 70 mph blanket limit.

Oh, and they kill themselves at a slightly higher rate than we do, but not massively.

The death rate among bikers in the '60’s was pretty grim, but we had no training and a test that was a joke. Mine consisted of four figure 8’s around two blocks next to the test centre and three random questions from the Highway Code. The tester was on foot watching me.

Only luck has kept me alive long enough to be scared and steady(ish) in old age.

When doing speeds like that I always make checks for anyone following, dont speed with anyone you dont know to be safe and besides you just dont know how bad there driving is.

had a mate pulled and busted 2 years ago from a BMW with blacked out windows on the A316. pulled up to a set of lights with the beemer lining up next to him, then started revvin his engine and pulling fast off the line. My mate was up for it so opened up his cbr6 and found less than a mile down the road that the lights came on and the copper a giving him a massive shouting in the face “you are a disgrace, you make me sick” telling off. Ended up pay £300 for a safety drivers course to avoid points.


Having done more than the 130mph quoted here and overtaking at the same time I know I am in control of my bike, the fact that it isnt legal is a by product and takes us off on a tangent. When the conditions (road quality included) allow, I personally believe that my confidence matches my skill level along with the fact that I know my bike is well maintained and can do this sort of speed. It isnt done everyday but it is done.


What in my view makes riding a bike more than 40mph dangerous are the morons on 4 wheels who have no lane dicipline or any idea of the mechanics of either bike or car. I say to these morons the same thing I say to my wife ‘if you are confused dont panic we will get around you’. But then I dont think it has anything to do with confusion I think it is their wish to ‘take one of us out’ so to speak.

Coppers in cars are the same, just the other week I had one ar#*hole pc wanting to do me for reckless riding and all I was doing was going round a roundabout (almost kneedown), he didnt understand that you have to lean over he thought I was doing a Rossi (his words mind) It was an A-Z courier that saved me 3 points CHEERS MATE!!

Dont give them the opportunity to deny you your right to ride, they will use speed as just one of the many methods to get us off the road, if the cameras dont do it then taxes and higher fuel and insurance costs will is the plan I think.

I’m constantly scanning my mirrors in these situations - if I see a car (or even a bike) coming up fast behind I’ll let him over-take so I can have a butchers - if he doesn’t look like old bill - i’ll resume my rapid progress.

Sounds like entrapment. . . :ermm:

Yep - it’s not the speed that causes accidents - it’s rubbish/reckless driving and riding - e.g. car drivers who are not concentrating/looking in their mirrors or are just plain crap drivers - or in the case of bikers - people who are riding outside of their personal level of skill and not negotiating bends etc.

I’ve always enjoyed riding my bike as rapidly as the conditions will allow - i’ve also got a pretty good idea of my skill levels - and try not to exceed them - (also known as running out of talent :wink: ) - and in a decade of fast riding my worst accident (resulting in broken bones) took place at 10m.p.h. (me) when I got rammed by a car - due to a lack of attention on the cagers part.

Based on this experience i’ll feel a lot safer in the future at 140 m.p.h. on an empty motorway than I ever will tootling about at 10 m.p.h. in the vicinity of cagers - regardless of what the road safety lobby says. ;):slight_smile:

I don’t think they’re really arguing that speed = no control of the vehicle but if they don’t punish people for doing 140mph, what are they going to punish?

Individual attitudes to speed are irrelevant in the eyes of the law. I guess they’d say you don’t get to choose which laws you obey and which ones you don’t.

True. :slight_smile: . I guess the moral of the story is look in your fuggin mirrors and don’t get caught! :wink:

Sid Throttle (04/12/2008)

I’m constantly scanning my mirrors in these situations - if I see a car (or even a bike) coming up fast behind I’ll let him over-take so I can have a butchers - if he doesn’t look like old bill - i’ll resume my rapid progress.


thats it, its hardly like motorways are the pinnacle of road riding there really is no need to go over more than 110mph imho and i only do that if the road is very clear.