Bad Bad 2 days

I’ll start from yesterday…

I have a pupil who managed to cause a whole 9 hours of hassle, constant phone calls to and fro, abuse down the phone, apparently its my fault that her husband keeps booking tests when she’s not ready :slight_smile:

Cue…MASSIVE HEADACHE last night.

This morning, started off better…
Then within an hour of leaving home, one of my puppies died @ 8 days old. (she was the runt, bless her)

Then someone decided they should tell the AA and the police that I was over the speed limit, bigger headache.

Then half an hour later my brand new focus (900 miles on the clock, 10 days old) broke down. apparently the battery is dead cos the dash is staying on. So now I have have to cancel tonight and tomorrow morning’s work to stay in and wait for the next car to be delivered.

Anyone live local to me so they can shoot me now? :smiley:

sorry to hear about your… adventures :ermm:

btw why she blame you when its her husband booking the tests?? weird woman (her not you! :smiley: )

she reckons i didnt make it clear enough that her driving is sh!t…and that the fact i had to use my pedals to avert disaster every lesson also wasn’t a sign :smiley:

I’ll come down all that way to shoot you Mel:D

Really sorry to hear this Mel!

With regards to the speeding thing, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s their word against yours! The Police probably won’t even be in touch, as there is no other evidence than somebody saying they saw you going too fast.

As for the Focus, if it’s only ten days old the Ford dealer should be picking it up ASAP and I’d also be looking at them reimbursing you for the loss of custom!

Lastly, really sorry to hear about the poor little puppy, but it is natures way, especially with the runt of the litter… :frowning:

Hope the other three are doing well! :wink:

Now, go and make yourself a nice cup of tea and grab a bar of choccy to relax a bit! :smiley:

Awwww Mel:crying: get hubby to give you a big hug i think you need to cry(you’ll feel better) then have a hot soak in the tub then have an options hot cherry chocolate drink(sooo nice and low in cals;) ) soooo sad about your beautiful puppy, runt or not always sad… but reap lots of love on mum and the 3 pups and remember tomorrows another day;)


Sorryo (as they say in Nigeria)


sorry about your day mel hope tomorrows better

Think positive thoughts. Tomorrow will be a better day.

should have rung me i would have come and done it for you :wink:

Tomorrow will be a better day cos i aint getting out of bed until 10 ish :smiley:

Sorry about the pup. But as mentioned, its nature I’m afraid. In the wild a runt never lasts more than a few hours. It now means the others have more food and will grow to be a lot stronger.

As for the speed thing…that just sounds like some saddo who ain’t been laid in a year, with nothing better to do than moan about other people. Ignore them…the Police will and the AA will probably only mention it, as they have, and suggest you make sure you’re always under the limit…other than that, they’ll apologise to the complaining d*ck head and make out you’ve been severely punished. :smiley:

Make sure Ford cover your loses and sort the car or change it.

Other than that, sit down with a nice drink and comfort food as a treat and feel better soon xx

lazy cow i will have done half a day out of my 3 day a weeks work :slight_smile:

o feck missed the bit about the pup, sorry hun

Oi, leave Rob alone…:wink:

Poor you. Sorry to hear about the puppy :crying:

Ford should reimburse you for lost earnings; a breakdown in such a new car is appalling.
How can anyone prove you were a bit over the speed limit. Even the Police need proof.

You have to deal with some very strange customers; you must also have strong nerves judging by your description of her driving.

You now need to spoil yourself. Hot bubble bath with comforting drink of your choice could be a start. Hope tomorrow is better.

Thankyou for the suggestions, hot chocolate, bath and chinese are in order for tonight…

Natures way with the pup, still a bit sad though :frowning:

Car comes from a leasing company not ford directly… the dash lights are staying on permanently (computer) and the battery is dead as a dodo…

Thankyou for the offer of a shooting Rob, it might not come to that :smiley:

Hug and big wet kiss, just to finish off your day. :smiley:

If you change your mind dont hesitate to let me know;):smiley:

Sorry to hear that hope it gets better.