Bad Car Accident on A406 after bounds green junction about 6.30 pm

Whole traffic was at a standstill…a peoples carrier had crashed very badly , no other car was involved. The car was not reconizable…the ambulance crew was working on the driver… looking at the ferosity of the accident it did not look very good…hope he recovers…

Hope he recovers too.

Are you getting bored of “biker down” accidents, or didn’t you find one today, so you had to have to change to cars?

This was nasty accident…I was going home and someone else was not…not very nice…

i just got a bit lost on way home from ace, its still shut off, tho looks liek there is roadworks taking place aswell.

hope the driver made it.

Well it must have been really bad cos the ambulance did’nt leave the scene til we were going past at 7:45 and if you reckon it happened around 6:30 however he/she must have still been alive as ambulance left with lights and sirens on…don’t you just hate that road…

Alex mentioned that the North Circ was closed both ways last night on the way home from the Ace (around 10:30pm). He had to go via Muswell Hill to get back to Palmers Green :frowning:

apparently the lights near staples corner were out last night so that was probably why.