Bad accident on A40 westbound

There’s been a really nasty smash this morning here at Gipsy Corner. Went to see what was happening and saw a bike in the middle of the road in front of a large waste truck (you know the ones - driven by psychos…). Front offside step was bent so I’m guessing that’s where he twatted the biker. There were a bunch of other cars still sitting around and the fire service had covered the central dividing fence with tarps.

Accident investigation have been there for a good 2 1/2 hours, but I think they’re starting to open the road now.

Hope the biker is ok, but things really didn’t look good. Anyone know any more?

That no good. I hope rider is fine.

I hope so, but it doesn’t look good. TFL are reporting that the road will be closed until mid-afternoon at the earliest.

Well it’s been 4 hours now and the road is still closed…

Tell me about it… the scene isn’t very nice. Camera’s set up in the middle of the road looking on to the accident, lorries and bike still in the positions from this morning, number markers on every skid mark on the road, Police, fire and on lookers still there when I went past about 1pm.

If only I had turned the radio on in the car I wouldn’t have bothered going up to Hammersmith Hosp, it’s taken me ages to fight my way back through traffic home again.

From the looks of things it’s a R.I.P. to the Learner Rider.:frowning:

It certainly doesn’t sound good:doze:

It’s never nice to read stuff like this.

My thoughts are with the rider’s family and friends.