Hi all. I’m looking for a decent motorcycle backpack, which is ideally waterproof and not too cumbersome. Does anyone have any recommendations?



Hi Vegas

I use a Cargo 25l backpack. It is very comfortable and comes with a waterproof cover. It also has a 10yr guarantee and cost me around £40 from Chiswick Honda.

I got an Oxford 52l backpack to start with but I found it uncomfortable and massive as I am pretty short so dont use that.

Hope this helps

I have a really nice one but it’s probably to small for you.

It’s by Jan Sport and kinda raps around like a half webbing, has a big thin pocket for documents (and my old laptop, new one is to delicate) and a bigger pouch that’ll fit a pair of armoured trousers and not much else. It also have 2 small pouches in the belt that goes round the stomach.

The thing I love about it is it’s super compfy.


Kriega are the only rucksack to buy if you ride a bike. Pricey, but worth every penny and then some.

These ones are excellent

Break from the norm…check out some snowboarding rucksacks mate, been using a “Duffs” and a bigger “O’Neil” one for ages and they’re well up for the job…waterproof and decent straps…

Yip, Kriega deffo make the best bike backpacks. They come in different models (sizes) and you can get extras for them like document/laptop pockets, etc. When I got Ness one, they even pre-adjusted it for her size. Not cheap though.

Thanks everyone for your reccomendations.

I’ll have a browse on the web and check out prices. Kriega seems to be the most popular choice. I’ll check out some snowboarding packs aswell.

Have a good day,


also try the knox airpack, i bought one for my weekends away, its great you can fit loadsa kit in, and it feels really secure, plus more importantly it comes with reflective strips!!

I will second matts comments on the Knox. I am not a great lover of backpacks as i suffer from a bad back but the knox is comfortable and a reasonable price!

A friend got me one of these,a good size ,padded on the back area plenty of pockets and even a lid carrier.

I’ve been using the Knox rucksacks for a couple of years now and I’ve got to say that the quality is terrible. I only use mine for putting odds and ends in when I’m going to work and back, but the two that I’ve had have split around the chest straps, where the main straps join the bag at the bottom and where the handle bit is at the top.

For the price of the two Knox bags I could’ve had half a Kriega one…And I’d probably have been better off with half a rucksack rather than the rubbish that Knox make

Best bag I’ve used so far was an Umbro rucksack designed for football gear! I used it for 8 year in all weathers and it didn’t leak once and it only cost £14.99 Only issue was it was a bit small for weekends away etc, but I got round that by just stuffing everything in.

Currently using a Knox and so far i like it, but for value I doubt it will come close to the Umbro

Hey mate I was a student when I brought it and seeing as it lasted so well…why change it! Function over style any day mate, bikings full of overpriced supposed biker only gear that don’t work as good as non biker stuff

At the time my bike gear was jeans, a tatty leather jacket, army boots (very waterproof), pizza hut waterproof trousers (nicked) and an Army waterproof jacket for over the leather in the winter. Yup it looked ****e, but in my eyes better than the matching helmet, leathers, gloves, boots, all the kit can’t ride for toffee brigade that seemed to have invaded this heaven that I call biking

If it works why not