Backpack recommendation

Hi just need some advice on a rucksack.

up to £100 or so?

I need to carry a laptop, shoes and from time to time, would like to squeeze my gym stuff in there.
Preferable to hold a helmet too - but not when the laptop and gym kit is in it.

any ideas

First choice would have to be a Kriega they have a wide range of stuff all of which is top quality.

There is also a hard shell rucksack from Hein Gericke I can’t remember the bags name for the life of me but have heard nothing good reviews from customers

Go with the Kriega R35, you wont be dissapointed.

He means the bag in the pic

[EDIT] I just saw this thread on the same LB page as yours take a look Kriega

Yup - can’t really beat the Kriega stuff. The R35 (I think) will hold a full-face lid without much of a problem.

Defo Kreiga! You could get the slightly smaller one (R25) as it will be less bulky.

You can expand on these with a waterproof pocket(US5 or US10) that clips on to the front of the bag when you need to take more stuff with you.

The US bags can also be used as a tail pack on the bike!

cheers guys, I’ll look them both up.

I’ve been really pleased with my Knox backpack

“designed to be worn as low as possible - weight is taken away from the shouldres and distributed evenly; no back ache - ideal for long distances; capacity approx 20 litres; will carry helmet and back protectors; protected helmet sack; straps at top designed to hold a back protector or other items securely.”



I can vouch for the Knox,

Matt gave me his and its great i am always amazed how much i can get in it, and when its on i hardly notice i have it on,

Kriega!!! ive got the R25 and use the us-10 to bolt on to the front, it holds all i need, i can carry loads of kit and the bist bit is its waterproof.

I have always used North Face. i have a Big SHot at the moment and easilly carries my Laptop, charger, paperwork and all the other crap we carry around.

its completly waterproof and built to last

I have a hein gericke one and it’s cool - even has a little pouch on the strap for your mobile so it will definitely get soaked in the rain and die… like mine did… DOH! Otherwise good bit of kit

I bought an Adidas from Argos back in the day, think I was still at skool so must be getting on for 15 years ago, still going strong.

Tip. Put both zips together, to one side, at the bottom or the wind can blow them apart and open the bag. Heavy items at the bottom, cloths etc at the top. Speed tested 160+ and its fine

Indeed Jamie, I lost a pair of glasses and a USB stick by the zips opening. Doh. This wasn’t on the Kriega though obviously.

That’s a good feature on the HG one - the zips have poppers on so you can snap the two ends together

Cheers guys,

leaning towards the kriega, just need to decide on the 25 or 35. Is there anywhere around town that has them on display?

Also, I couldnt find any info on an HG hard shelled bag?

Good one on the zips, I lost a glove when mountain biking because the zips were at the top!

if you go to infinity motorcycles - they have kriega bags there…

also think that hein gericke also do them - but i’m not sure on that one

Another vote for the knox, helmet holder unfolds from the bottom. Nice wide straps that loosen up enough to get your arms in and out easily

i have the kriega R20. itrs absolutely excellent, wntd the smallest one as i can add on the US packs if need be. As for finding them, Infinity in Farnboro have both R25 and R35 on display as i was in there today